delight on the Isle of Wight

View from our window

I’m not a well travelled type, apart from when we went to the Seychelles for our honeymoon which doesn’t count…that was unreal and amazing and far from an every day type holiday…I still can’t believe I went there…even when I was there, I just stood in the middle of the beach and kept repeating “I actually can’t believe I’m here”!

I digress…my beautiful bezzie, (she is, she’s absolutely stunning) and I, decided to take our little ones and my husband down to the Isle of Wight to a little known place called Steephill Cove for the Bank Holiday Weekend. We’ve been there tons of times, before children in fact, but the place still never fails to enchant and it’s actually better with the little ones…beaches make more sense with them around. Even on wet and dreary days, (and it seriously took the biscuit with the weekend we’ve just had), we still managed to have fun. I think the Fairy Day at Blackgang Chine did the trick, especially after my friend’s little one asked for a spell to make her an actress….to be honest I think the witch heard wrong! 

I’ve never really explored Ventnor on my own before, but took advantage of a spot of window shopping during my search for a newsagent open after 4pm on a Sunday, (I have to buy all of the papers…my work never ends – and why all the questions and the endless explanations for the amount of papers I buy…does it really look that odd?…I’m digressing again), anyway I came across a fab little vintage shop in Ventnor called Zesroo – super cute with lots of lovely cool pieces displayed on leopard print carpet (how cool is that) and wouldn’t look out of place in a quirky home…that isn’t mine as hubby would have a fit. I imagined that the owner would wear bright red lipstick, pinched in prom dresses with huge flower prints…with a quiff and a scarf in her hair – I wouldn’t know, the shop was closed as I peered through the curved glass windows.

From the sound of crashing waves, the fishermen bringing in fresh crab and lobster for the Crab Shed and the Boathouse Restaurant, the children just playing on the beach for hours with just a spade and a stick, (we didn’t even have a bucket), to cuddling in at night round a fire with a glass of something or other – it’s just one of those places that is so totally soporiferous, deep sleeps are mandatory and the little ones just hit the sack and fail to wake until we’ve all had a decent night’s sleep –  what’s not to love about that?

5 thoughts on “delight on the Isle of Wight

  1. I spent a fair bit of time on the Island working and as a consequence had a flat in Cowes for 6 months. It is so very unspoilt, there’s a 50s kind of magic about it. GG

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