vintage style…

I was taking my trolley back after I’d finished my shopping the other day, when I heard a kind voice behind me asking if I’d mind passing on my trolley. I turned round to see a fabulous smile, matched with what can only be described as an immaculate outfit, she put me to shame as I stood there in my jeans and jerseys. I have no idea who she was, but she called me ‘Dear’….clearly I gave her my trolley.

She reminded me of my gorgeous Nanny Ivy who had the same wise eyes, heart warming smile and kindness in bounds – on top of this her style was always impeccable and would never be seen in public any other way. In this day and age we don’t really need to care about our attire as much as we used to when we go about our ‘day-to-day’, so I hope when I grow old I can appreciate style the same way Iris Apfel and the other ladies from the Advanced Style Film do – they absolutely rock and I love them.

I guess this post is an homage to all those beautiful girls out there, some who have seen and survived World War 2, were pioneers in fashion themselves, (they didn’t copy vintage!), brought our mothers and fathers into the world, have a wicked sense of humour, braved all sorts of crazy new technologies, recycle because they always have and look incredible without surgery…

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