pop-up party wares


The 70’s saw my mother holding a party with a little group of rural ladies who wore masses of polyester in orange and purple, seated demurely listening to a lady selling her tupperware at our farmhouse in Staffordshire – mum prepared this phenomenon in true retro style, and went to great lengths to ensure her guests could see the benefits of the mountains of different sized, shaped and coloured plastic, filling them with her  buffet style nibbles….but that was then..

Fast forward 30 years (I think), and there’s no end to the choice of celebrity cooking utensils/fashion/books/gifts/sex toy parties one can hold or attend in their own premisis’…or ‘Pop Up Parties’ as I like to call them. Which is why I probably went a little overboard last night and organised a sort of Easter Gift Party Extravaganza with 3 different suppliers…but you can’t go wrong with Juicy Lucy and Usborne Children’s Books? And my friend Kelly has started a little company called Ginger & Spice selling pretty home pieces, so it was all very civilised…hubby served the wine like a true gent and our little girls stole pretty much most of the nibbles..

But to be fair and honest, it was a fab excuse to invite over a few friends for a catch-up and drink wine….well it had ‘Party’ in the title!!

Crisp Thief!

3 thoughts on “pop-up party wares

  1. I went to a Tupperware party when I was about 10 and remember giggling with my friend all through the demo of fifty things to do with a curly slicer. Your ‘do’ sounds much more fun and there was wine! GG

  2. I can remember my mother having a tupperware party as a child. My friend and I giggled all the way through the ladies demonstration of 15 things to do with a twirly cutter. Then it was really dull, but the Pop Up you describe sounds great fun. Well done roping in your hubby. I think Mr Glam would have gone to the pub! GG

    1. Wow…a twirly cutter! Hubby had no choice but to be there – I failed to tell him until the actual day!! On return from a heavy day at the office…total wife fail!!

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