I know, it’s insane, I  have a blog that clearly states the name of one of the biggest shoe designers and I don’t even talk about shoes…or any other footwear come to think of it, not even slippers. I can be clearly ‘Accessory Categorised’ though, I’m not a massive bag fan, although I do own a battered Roxanne from 2006, (a prize for giving birth to the first), and have converted an Anya Hindmarch bag to a clutch and sometimes don a Vivienne Westwood when the mood takes me, (again, not bought by me, but they’re all lovely) – but don’t you have to keep the whole bag thing ‘up’?…as in, if you happen to buy something slightly ‘it’, it soon becomes last season after just 6 months and I find my Waitrose shoppers far more useful and never out of date, (don’t shout at me you fashionista you!). Whereas I proudly display my shoe collection year after year on my landing console table  – I wear heels to take the kids to school…even if I don’t have meetings that day…it’s all about ‘cost-per-wear’ though surely?

So I was literally in HEAVEN after a meeting with one of my new clients who has a concession in Selfridges, (in the Home Basement by the way – a very difficult place for me to have meetings due to the sheer amount of beautiful distractions), even more difficult when I’m with the PR from Selfridges – it’s ok for her, she’s used to it!

So there I was…and there was the Shoe Gallery on the 2nd floor…oh and there was Chanel …no…I didn’t, don’t worry – but I did invest  in these:

Dune Academie D Leather Cut-Out Court Shoes, Black/Camel £80

Simple and far from the usual £400+ price tag I stupidly fall into every now and then, starving myself and the children for  a few months in the process…(joke!!). I love them…they’re a classic that work with just about everything and anything, Dune have really upped their game I reckon – work & play as I call them…and not that boring either.

But I promise you little shoe-addicts out there – I WILL be posting about a pair of Manolos this year, I have yet to reward myself for setting up my own business…even if I am still logo-less, business card-less, website-less…at least I’ll have a pair of Manolos to show for my efforts…soon!

2 thoughts on “shoes…

  1. Well they’re not Manolos, but they are very lovely. A good price for something so classy, and I’d do the school run in these! 🙂

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