sweet nothings

Sticking to diets, exercising regularly, being organised, remembering basic things (like really really basic things…my child’s lunch box for example), being professional at all times, keeping composed under stress without freaking out and general ‘Super Woman’ type behaviour has never been a strong point for me – I know I’m not alone with this, my weaknesses are normal….right?

So lets throw in a Christian Festival called Lent. I’m not massively religious, (I went to a Catholic School…of course I’m not), but thought I’d join in this year and renounce a luxury that would help both  my health and ‘Spring Clean’ me, (apparently this is part of the whole Lent experience). So we’re 4 days into celebrations…I haven’t started yet!

Better late than never is what I say…so I’m sacrificing sugar…and wine! This is going to be hard, as I have one spoon of sugar for my first two coffees of the day, I sweeten my porridge and have half a spoon of sugar for each of my 4 other cups of tea for the rest of the day, and I’m renown for drinking wine…and lots of it!

I’ve posted this to the *cough* millions of blog followers…stop laughing – so that I can spur myself on and hopefully hear back from others who will also be enduring the Lent pain. So far I know of a friend who has quit chocolate, but taken up shortbread…another has stopped her white wine intake but not her red (!)…Please let me know if you are strong Lent Abstainers…we can do this…we can!! x

2 thoughts on “sweet nothings

  1. Now is probably not a good time to talk about being Jewish!!! but I thought I would let you know that when I went to see a naturopath (to try and get rid of a cough I had had for about 6 months!!!) she told me to give up sugar. Being a huge Dr Pepper fan ( I mean it’s like on IV to me) I found that herbal tea was a good switch. Yogi teas are the best as they have a great taste and don’t taste like a substitute for regular tea or coffee. Also you don’t crave chocolate biscuits with herbal tea as that’s just yuck!

    Also, I re-discovered porridge. The naturopath gave me a great way to make it. Use honey in stead of sugar (is that allowed? It’s natural!) then add seeds and nuts and cinnamon. It’s soooooo delish I still have it every morning now a year and a half later.

    Good luck. I know you can do it… we’re watching you now so there’s your will power!


    P.S. I felt really healthy not eating sugar and my skin looked amazing! Shame I couldn’t keep it up longer than a few months!

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