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I never thought it would happen, but somehow it has. I finally have a business all of my own, which has been in the making since my Something’s Blossoming‘ post. I am a lifestyle PR…boooo hisss I hear you cry… I know, Fashion and Interior PR’s haven’t had a great image since the days of Ab Fab bless them, but this is what I know and love and gives me a little sense of pride every time I see the result from something I organised and initiated.

Without sounding like a CV, I worked for Laura Ashley for over six years as their PR Manager. I loved that place, mainly because there was such a strong sense of family and we mostly cared about each other  – clearly we had our ups and downs, what company doesn’t, but I loved the brand, the amazing talent behind those doors and the support we gave each other. There was nothing better than being able to pop into the Archive to have a chat with Angela about what fashion or home were working on…a treat I took for granted while I was there – the place has a treasure trove packed full of textile history that Laura Ashley collected herself from the beginnings of the company in the 50’s to present day. I had access to all the departments and knew everyone – I was very lucky…wow, I miss them…anyway… I digress.

I have since worked for my fab friend Jo who founded Portrait Communications 3 years ago and then briefly at, (another lovely family), but I left these places because my family came first and as much as I wanted it to work, it just didn’t – I found commuting after nursery and school drop-off virtually impossible and exhausting, not being able to offer enough hours for the job was unfair and the price of childcare saw little return from the wage packet.  I needed to find a solution to do what I know and that works around my two girls…oh and pays!

I can now proudly announce I have originally called my company Owen PR, (I’m so creative with names…not!), and I help with the PR for two beautiful brands who I personally love, (this is so important) – Indian Ocean, who are a gorgeous British luxury outdoor lifestyle company and Home Barn, a new British retro and vintage lifestyle brand. I’m also talking to two other amazing brands which is sooooo exciting.

Of course, the best bit about all of this is I’m now back in touch with all my old contacts, (clearly they’re not old old…much younger than me actually…blimey, dig that hole Liz), AND it all works around the girls…well sort of, as best it can while I’m on the phone to House & Garden and my 3 year old wants us to listen to her Cheeky Monkey song…whereupon both stylist and myself have to listen to a rendition of Monkey Dance, after which we carry on in a more professional manner….oh it’s all good fun really!

I also have to thank Sarah Lamburn from The Diary for recommending me to Indian Ocean…I’m not sure I would have done all of this without her initial push and I really appreciate that…see…there are some angels in this industry too x

Indian Ocean


Home Barn

11 thoughts on “kitchen conference call

  1. Ooooo! How exciting. If you follow in Jo’s footsteps you’ll be employing a big team very soon. You’re starting out with great clients. I want so many things I’ve checked out on the Home Barn website!!!

    Good luck – not that you need it!

    Em x

    1. Oh gosh – quite like being in touch with old pals again – and having an excuse to buy ALL the interior magazines on the shelves and claiming it back on VAT!! Oh and meeting those that write for all the magazines…especially for coffee…all in the name of PR of course!!

  2. This is so lovely Liz, written straight from the heart.
    I understand the juggling that’s involved, I am the stylist on the end of that phone, with my 3 & 2 year old watching Ben & Hollie at full volume whilst trying to talk to a PR!!

    You should be very Proud x

  3. A brave mum setting up her own business to combine both motherhood and a suitable way to do what she loves is worth a recognition. Well done and good luck!

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