gotta crush on my cushion…

This may sound odd to some, but I’ve had a lot of love for cushions for a very long time now…such a simple idea…four pieces of fabric stuck together and filled with feathers…why such a big deal? Um…Jan Constantine…that’s why!! My idea of Heaven is to cram every corner of my house with one of her awe inspiring textile creations – I have three to date! I love them…they’re just so…British! And this year is perfect for them, almost every occassion is covered…

something for Valentines...
the Olympics even
and the jubilee
and something for those who may be living in New York and are planning to marry later this year...not that I'm giving any ideas for wedding presents me!!

I’ve also been told that for today only there will be a 25% discount off the Love and Hearts, Perfect Presents, the British and Vintage Rose collections if you order and use the code LOVE25 at the checkout – this offer is just a quickie and will end after today (8th February 2012).

Just one more cushion…surely it won’t harm!

4 thoughts on “gotta crush on my cushion…

  1. Errrr! Ditto. I love anything that comes out of Jan Constantine’s workshops. The attention to detail is amazing and they’re always that thick, plumped up quality. The quirky designs are so cute. I just can’t decide which to buy!!!!

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