weekend kitchen radio fun

Sometimes this blogging lark has incredible perks, and today was no exception. I met Nick Coffer last year at Cybermummy11 – he didn’t remember me….silent pause….but we have a mutual friend who reminded us that we kind of know each other via the infamy of the blogging world, (Nick founded the My Daddy Cooks blog) and then Nick had this amazing idea and asked me…yes, lil ol me…to join him and some other culinary guests onto his brilliant Weekend Kitchen Show on BBC Three Home Counties.

I warned him beforehand that I have a tendancy to take over, as I do with the gorgeous Donna Thacker’s show on Marlow FM for an hour on Monday mornings, (see Radio GaGa post)! He agreed regardless, and allowed me to be me – he’s either totally mad or a complete gent…both as it turns out!!

So it is obligatory for Nick’s guests to bring in two dishes and talk food. We were so lucky to be with Patti Sloley who brought in her completely yummy Ghanaian recipes, ideal for today’s freezing weather – she teaches at Jean Christophe Novelli’s Acadamy, she’s published her own book ‘A Plate In The Sun’ and she totally brought in a piece of Africa today – such an inspirational and beautiful girl who brings the sunshine with her. Sadly I called Africa a country…Nick very kindly corrected me and reminded me it is a Continent…a CONTINENT…!! I embarrass myself sometimes!!

We were also joined by Wally the bee keeper, who was fascinating, and I don’t mind tasting honey when its presented – he brought in honey marmalade…YUM! And then it was my turn – I literally used EVERY implement in the kitchen to make a roast chicken with jus and proscutto mash – for pudding I made my version of Rhubarb & Custard until 10.30pm last night…with the help of a nice Sauvignon Blanc – I rustled up a rhubarb & ginger mousse with a rhubarb and whisky compote and custard cream biscuits…it worked!! Everyone ate it…I was complimented…for my cooking!! I thank my mother for being such a great cook herself and teaching me the rudiments.

rhubarb & ginger mousse with rhubarb & whisky compote and custard cream biscuit

All the recipes can be downloaded and the link for the show can be heard from the 3 Counties Radio website – but Nick if you’re reading this, thank you for trusting me to be a guest on your show, I had tons of fun and I think some of my friends did too x

3 thoughts on “weekend kitchen radio fun

  1. ha ha you TAKE OVER.. never.. 🙂

    You’re a total love and i can totally see why you’d be asked to go onto the show – what an awesome experience xxxxxx

    I’d love you forever if you bring me some of that mousse tomorrow morning 🙂

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