NCT…it’s a social thing…

BK….aka Before Kids, I had no idea that there was a world other than workers…students…and people who sat in the park drinking meths! What a blinkered person I was, living in Battersea at the time, how could I have not noticed the prams…mainly of the Bugaboo variety? This is because I worked, had meetings, had to be in busy busy places, and do drinks after work, weekend parties, endless weekend parties…places where you don’t see ‘prams’ – babies belonged to some other worldy place and not mine.

Then 2006 arrived and I had my first little one in May…MAN!! Could life change so dramatically…you just can’t warn anyone about these things until your own baby arrives…from you – it’s impossible. Which is why the National Childbirth Trust is that one lifesaving club I absolutely exhort everyone to join if you’re about to have a child.

After initial research and recommendations, we found our local NCT ‘club’ – it was in someone’s front room in Balham. There were five other couples…we felt like we were in some sort of rehabilitation clinic! It was that awful group ‘thing’ where you have to do one of those fumbling introductions, how far pregnant you were and what you did for  a living/hobby/day filler…CRINGE! We sat next to a cool couple who have since become very close friends, we laugh to this day about the ‘dolls in marmite nappies’ and ‘breastfeeding cushions on the boys…why?’ experiences.

I have stolen another NCT gang in Marlow since moving from Battersea – I think the term is called ‘mummy mugging’! Take what you will from NCT…mine was a bit of knowledge about how to keep your first baby alive during that ‘absolutely-no-clue-what-you’re-doing’ phase! I am so lucky to have met buddies directly and indirectly from this institution – it’s great to have that support, even better when that support become lifelong friends.


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