sunday roast post revelry

All day I have been nursing a well earned hangover, gained at a great friend’s house last night – I was finally party to the game of ‘confessions’, (see previous post)…my eyes have been opened – I absolutely recommend this game…I’m still giggling at the others brave confessions, although maybe I should have spared my ‘going-to-the-swimming-pool-in-my-early-20’s-wearing-a-‘body’-with-weak-poppers-rather-than-a-swimming-costume’ story!! Ah well…

So I’d totally forgotten we’d agreed to go to a friends today for a roast…and if I’m honest, this morning was screaming for a recovery day, (dvd, sofa, carbs)…but no, I dragged my sorry self to Emmetts Farm Shop, bought a big fat chicken and made our way over to see our fellow sufferers, who were equally broken.

We were greeted with the ultimate cure – Spicey Bloody Mary’s…perfect! The children played happily outside, and the broken ones discussed last night’s hilarious revelry while we finished cooking the amazing roast chicken, (tip…turn the chicken over every 15 minutes during the cooking time…all the juices run through the meat, making it melt-in-the-mouth)…with Paolo Nutini playing in the background…(not literally…life isn’t THAT perfect) and warmed by an open fire.  I’m not sure we could have wished for a more perfect Sunday and I feel completely blessed to have such amazing people in my life…

2 thoughts on “sunday roast post revelry

  1. Hullo Darling – yes, turning the bird as you mentioned is the juiciest way to cook it. Spit roasting even better and reason why Waitrose cooked chicken is so yummy. Do you remember me trying to apply this method to a very large turkey one Christmas? Only to be tried once with spray tin of ‘Burneeze’ to hand! Delia’s tried and trusted method ever since.

    On the subject of food, I watched the Hairy Bikers’ Best of British this evening which covered
    traditional breakfasts and the swanky afternoon tea which seem to be making a comeback. Nostalgia! Shortly after the war when sugars, etc. no longer on ration, Mum/Nan used to treat me to a visit to her favourite afternoon tea shop in the centre of town. Silver service with savoury and sweet delights served on bone china. Whilst watching this programme wondered if you had a specialist afternoon tea retreat in Marlow? Would be a hit with certain yummy mummies there. Years younger, would love to own one!!

    Time for ‘Masterchef’ now!! x x x

  2. Emmetts Farm shop is a regular stop for us on Saturdays. Only last week I found a nice purple broccoli, which my girl adored! (Fishmonger next door also very good…)

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