how to lose weight….

Eat less….excersise more…there you have it…

Did I mention in my previous post I wanted to lose weight, and that I’d asked hubby if I could have a Personal Trainer for Christmas to tone me to the point that I’d be mistaken for Jennifer Anniston? Well mistaken for her body at least?!!

I did didn’t I – I’m not a huge fan of exercise and used to pay extortionate monthly fees to a variety of gyms in South London without ever attending, promising that I’d go, always breaking that promise daily. I was young, enjoying the thrill of living in a city rather than being stuck in a room full of sweaty people, repeating exercises for an hour…it didn’t seem like too much fun at the time….an expensive avoidance if ever there was one!
I reckon turning 40 stirred something within me and not wanting to ‘let myself go’, pulled out the stops…announcing to the world that this is what I want to achieve, I’m 10.2 stone and want to be 9 stone…so I booked Olly Jones from The Personal Training Company, who, without a doubt has already made quite a difference after just 2 sessions.

He’s a bit harsh and absolutely takes me to the limit, it can be quite painful but the feeling afterwards is incredibly exhilarating, and knowing that I’m doing the right thing with feedback during the workout is such a buzz. I completely let myself down with the food diary thing  though…oops to the big fat piece of cake, lattes, cheese & biscuits, wine etc last week…damn my inability to say no to these things…

Finally, I have to say I can’t fault Sweaty Betty’s fab ranges – their Grace leggings, tank tops, sports bras and socks win hands down. Best of luck to all those taking on similar challenges – I’ll be posting the weight thing on Twitter & Facebook next week…I call it ‘lone-pressure’…!

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