post festive reflections…

As I lay on the sofa, groaning at my ever growing Christmas rotund, (a new word for my festive roundness), regretting the sheer volume of food eaten and liquids drunk, (I’ve consumed so much sugar, fat, salt, alcohol, caffeine & carbs, I’m going to call myself McLizalds), I ponder for a moment, (in between my reflux) and think of all the things I’d like to achieve for 2012…there’s still 4 days to go till 2012…so here goes:

1)  Lose weight and tone up, (I always plan this one…don’t we all!)…with the aid of Eutrim and Olly Jones (a Personal Trainer btw) this time though

2)  Learn a language, (preferably Italian)….(maybe by an Italian??!!)

3)  Run for charity – suggestions welcome, (I live in Bucks and can manage up to 6 miles before I flop…Marlow 5 maybe a good start)

4)  Start an illustration course – this HAS to be done, as I want to do quite a few things with this skill

5)  Save money (!)…earning some would also be helpful!!

6)  Follow simple fashion rules and buy only the essentials – one of my best Christmas gifts was Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, (one of my favourite models from the early 90’s) given to me from my uber stylish siblings-in-law – ESSENTIAL, and has reminded me that great style doesn’t cost the earth

7)  Sort the garage out and sell all that stuff I’ve been accumulating for years for the manor house I’ve been planning to live in since 2000…it’s never going to happen…

8)  Finally…do lots of fab things with my little family, (my baby girls) and my bigger family, (hubby & everyone that produced and grew up with me) and my fantastic friends, (I just can’t wait for Camp Bestival…yay)

Oh wow…it’s all actually in print…ah well, best do it then…HERE GOES xx

3 thoughts on “post festive reflections…

  1. What a great plan! I love planning goals for the new year. It’s so refreshing to start with a clean slate each January.

    I reccon that if you run for a charity you’ll be able to hit two stones with one bird (running helped me shed tons of baby weight!)

    Good luck and keep us posted to your success. We all know about it now, as you said it’s in print so it HAS to happen. X

    1. Thank you Emma – baby weight still an issue sadly!! But then I eat like I’m still pregnant, (it’s been 3 years for heaven’s sake)!! Running and the gym are the only way…I’m hoping I may be able to buy a fantastic new Classy Cake Company book in time for Christmas next year….now THAT would be exciting x

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