mummy in manolos’ perfect little Christmas present…

We all know how much I love Manolo Blahnik shoes…this blog wouldn’t exist without him…he’s a complete genius and my inspiration…I used to tear his illustrations from Vogue when he occasionally advertised, then I actually started to collect his shoes…only six times…when I started to earn more than a dogsbody’s wage! I’m not from enormous wealth, but if I was, I’d wear a different pair every day! I have a couple of his ‘coffee table’ books…again, mainly to peruse his beautiful illustrations of shoes.

So imagine how delighted I was to find that the internationally renown author Camilla Morton, (mainly known for her brilliant book, How To Walk In High Heels) had collaborated with the man himself and created a beautifully illustrated Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir, The Elves & The Shoemaker …this gorgeous little book blends classic fairy tale with the very charming real life tale of how Manolo discovered the exquisite, yet humble craft of shoe making.

Best of all…I can read this to my two little girls who will adore this little book for years to come – they already have a similar passion for shoes, (I catch them rifling through my display of precious heels regularly), it will no doubt be one of their favourites, especially as I enjoy reading it to them so much.

Both Waterstones and Amazon are selling this little classic – it’s got to be the perfect stocking filler for those with a little bit of a…*cough*…shoe addiction?

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