would you like to win something lovely?..

Bombay Duck - All of a Flutter Tea Set

Thought so…..I haven’t done a competition on my blog before, but seeing as I have such a scrummy prize to offer,  thought I’d post it just before the Christmas Madness fully sets in.

I have been a Bombay Duck customer for YEARS – they’re a great little company and I love all of their fab gift ideas, mainly for my little girls and their friends, (their charm bracelets have helped me out in many a birthday crisis), so was delighted they asked little old me if I’d post a competition for them….YES…OF COURSE I WILL….ehem…(and breath)!

The Prize - Bombay Duck All of a Flutter Cake Stand

So here you are – I am giving away this pretty All Of A Flutter Cakestand worth  £29.50 – all I need you to do in return lovely reader, is to leave a comment on this blog, telling my why you….yes YOU…deserve this pretty piece of china…

Ahhhh – imagine your mince pies displayed with a sprig of holly on there!! If you fancy a peek at more Bombay Duck delights, please click here www.bombayduck.com .

Oh…by the way, this competition closes at 12pm on Friday 16th December and a winner announced shortly after…

Good luck x

Continued after 12pm on Friday 16th December….



CHRIS McWILLIAM…(for his well versed comment regarding his Pointy-Boll*cks wife..well done Chris)


I want to thank  all you lovely commenters for entering my first ever blog competition…wish I could offer you all a runners-up prize – but don’t worry, it’ll be a Chanel 2.55 bag next time…..haha…no it won’t!!

34 thoughts on “would you like to win something lovely?..

      1. Like she bakes??!! If she’d given me one of her surley responses, with some abuse thrown in there, she might have won…but she just went out there and blatantly lied…*shaking head in disappointment*

  1. My rather lovely cupcakes definitely deserve to be displayed on this fine cake stand and not on the chipped plate they are currently sitting on!

  2. I deserve to win because…
    I have the Queen coming to tea
    To celebrate her Jubilee,
    And when she comes
    She’ll eat some buns
    And some scones and mini sandwiches!

    1. You’ve done this before haven’t you Sam…I’m not sure I believe the actual queen is coming to tea to your house…maybe ‘a’ queen…but not ‘the’ queen – haha? Brilliantly done xx

  3. I really deserve to win this because if I don’t, it is the sort of thing my wife Sarah would buy. Even if we were actually down to our last £29.99, she would buy it. Not actual food, oh no! She would see it, want it, and buy it. My pointing out (calmly) that “we could really have done with buying eggs, flour etc to make cakes to eat” her response would be “but we’d not have a beautiful cake stand to put them on if we had made some!” I do live in hope, and a perpetual state of poverty. Albeit with lots very nice pretty things, which in our house are referred to as “Pointy-Boll*cks!”, eg when out shopping Sarah will see something and point, whereupon I say “It’s Boll*cks!” Wish me luck, not for the competition, living with Sarah.

  4. I would love to win that set – mainly because ive broken my painting jar, and i need something to wash my brushes in – that pot would be perfect. do you know if the saucers would withstand white spirit? im presuming they would be ok left them in the shed?

  5. I deserve to win this cake stand, not that my baking needs any outside assistance to look beautiful but because it would really annoy my husband to have yet another girlie piece in our very girlie home a-hahahaha!!!!

  6. I think I deserve to win this as I have run out of Christmas money and not yet brought my sister a present. Not only would u be doing a good deed putting the competition in here but making my life a little easier to have a happy sister on Christmas day. ( believe u me she is fierce in a good mood ) xxx

  7. I so would love this cake stand.. Being the only girl in the house amongst four boys, well including one man.. I think I deserve some feminine loveliness to put my beautiful fairy cakes on.

    I have always wanted a cake stand and have never felt worthy enough to own one, until now. Please choose me :). Plus I adore Bombay Duck and need you in my life xx

    1. Oh Becs – thank you for your lovely comment, but the stand is currently winging its way to Chris McWilliam – not sure I want to do another competition, as I feel quite bad that only one person can win!! xx

  8. Urm lizzie ……
    1) I am Mary berry, nigella and Jane Ascher, rolled into one ……. Mr Kipling sling it ….
    2) there is far too much testosterone in my house and this dainty little stand could well tip the balance …… Come on help me out here …
    3) I promise to invite you and “the others” for a proper English girly tea ……….., by the way if I don’t win, I will of course come round and check your cupboards to make sure you didn’t keep it for yours and ed’s downton abbey moments ………. We all know you love a drama! Lol p xxxx

    1. awww Mary/Nigella/Jane/notKipling – the stand will not be in my house, it will now reside in Chris’ ongoing, for his ‘Pointy B*ll*cks’ wife – thank you for the comment lovely x

  9. I’d like to win this cake stand because my girlfriend loves to describe the wonderful cakes she has been making at her home but rarely brings any of them around to my place – i suspect that:

    a. She is a fantasist.
    b. They are so delicious that they are consumed on on the Central Line before she reaches my tube stop.
    c. I am about to wake up and realise that the past 5 years have just been a sponge-based mirage.

    Please help……..i love cake.

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