new york…where have you been all my life!

lady bag!!

Erm…I don’t really know where to begin talking about the fantastical fairyland that is New York…the place made me happy…very, VERY happy! Each day I woke up to THIS:

I went shopping in Bloomingdale’s, Henri Bendel’s and best of all Bergdorf Goodman…for literally YEARS I’ve been itching to visit the place, and since one of my closest friends, Emily, moved there a year ago, I’ve been promising/threatening a visit. It really helps to have someone who lives right in the heart of Manhattan – the view above is from her dining room!

Not just were we visiting the Big Aaaaaple, but we had the most fortunate advantage of helping Emily choose her AMAZING wedding dress…in New York…yah, I know…this stuff is what dreams are made of – she couldn’t have given us a more amazing visit if she’d tried!! So off we trotted down to Kleinfelds to say ‘Yes’ to the dress! Excuse me while I search the tissues…it was emotional…I’m saving more of this for a later post though, as I feel it deserves one of its own. Here’s a teaser all the same:

So back to the shopping…oh yeah…shopping in New York is a whole different entity, we arrived just after Thanksgiving, which I feel is the perfect time to do a spot of present purchasing for loved ones back home – this is because most New Yorkans are out of town with their families, so a) it’s quiet and b) all the sales start; they have something called Black Monday, which is our equivalent to Boxing Day – perfect timing in my books!

We saw some STUNNING Christmas windows, experienced Rockafella Ice-skating, witnessed some incredible iconic paintings at  the Museum of Modern Art, walked through a golden Central Park,  went to the best sushi restaurant, drank exquisite cocktails…it goes on…amazing. I’ll leave you with some mind blowing Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows though…

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows
Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows
Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows


Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows

Thank you Emily xx

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