cocktails, canapes and chinese elvis…

I do love a good party and just being in a room full of like-minded friends is my idea of heaven – especially once the music kicks in, the drinks flow, (or cascade at two of the most recent bashes I’ve attended), and heels are well and truly put through their paces on the dance floor.

Entertainment and detail are sometimes lost on me, especially if I’m with lots of people I love all in one room, my focus is on the fun we’re enjoying, but I have to mention a couple of brilliant ideas that I thought add that extra bit of sparkle…

the cocktails…

I love them, I’m a big fan of the classics French Martinis, Mohito’s and Cosmos – last night however, I was on the Lychee Daquiris – they get a big YUM thumbs up from me:

This is how you make them:

1½ ounce white rum

1 teaspoon fine sugar

1 ounce of lychee juice

Crushed ice

Place rum, sugar, and lychee juice in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.

Shake swiftly – do not over mix.

Strain thoroughly into a cocktail glass and serve at once

the canapes…

I’m all for finger food, it’s lots of different bursts of flavour all in one quick motion, with the use of one hand and allowing time to drink AND chat without the bother of too much chewing on the same thing – if they weren’t quite so fiddly to do, I’d live on them. My classics are the fail safe dijon mustard chipolatas and smoked salmon & caviar blinis with horseradish cream cheese. Although I’m always happy when I’m offered these lovely mini quintessential bites:

mini fish and chips
mini yorkshire puddings with cold roast beef
mini candy floss

the entertainment…

I’ve experienced two BRILLIANT entertainers at the many fortieths I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to – the first is Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer – utterly amazing on his banjalele; his rendition of The Shayman’s ‘Ebineeza Goode’ and The Sugar Hill Gang’s ‘rapper’s delight’ are just genius – also known as Chap Hop. I tried to book him for mine, but fortunately for him, he’s become quite famous…

mr b, the gentleman rhymer

and finally, last night’s Chinese Elvis…or chelvis for want of another name – what a man, I still have ‘Suspicious Minds’ and ‘Hound Dog’ swirling around in my head all day today…that or the daquiris are still taking their effect – he’s incredibly charismatic and just lots of fun and instantly brought out the Elvis in all of us…uh huh…thanyouverymuch

chinese elvis

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