radio gaga

Stuttering and inarticulate sentences are the baine of my life on a regular basis…daily in fact, so imagine my surprise when a friend of mine asked me to join her on a local lifestyle radio show in my home town….I was shocked to be honest…but flattered!

Donna Thacker is a presenter for a show called Midmorning Matters, aired every Monday on Marlow FM, (a local community radio station) and a fantastic, volunteer led initiative started by ex BBC Radio News, Tim Ashburner. I love Donna’s show, she has the perfect radio voice and the content is all about lifestyle…which I love – although so far, I’ve joined interviews with fashionistas Gemma Fox (owner of Plume and Blankit Knitwear) and James Mulchrone (owner of Gatsby & Daisy boutique) – I love fashion banter…!

Today was no exception – I rolled in with four lattes for each of us – the caffeine soon kicked in and the banter was charged – the content flew from tweed & sequins to fairies & Greek hog roasts, even a bit of Greek dancing minus crockery damage…the conversation flowed as it does when a group of friends meet up and talk random interests…it’s enormous fun.

Please join in, Twitter is fully charged during the show and you can follow Donna – @DonnaSThacker or me – @mim_tweeta at Marlow FM, on Monday from 9.30am until 12pm – requests are welcome…as long as it’s not too scarily hardcore…although we did play some techno once…by mistake!

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