impatient gardener

Yes…you read right…I’m ACTUALLY gardening and everything, (no really!) I have Hunter Wellies, a parka and a new found enthusiasm to get my fingernails dirty…normally I have a real dislike for dirty fingernails and find it a sign of lack of hygiene, or maybe it’s because I did one day of potatoe picking for my father on the farm way back in 1987, (ugh, I shudder at that thought of one day of hell) – but this silly fear was thrown beyond my laurel bushes today, for I…Lizzie Owen…buried my hands in mud to create the garden of my dreams, with a little help from my gardening pal and Garden Designer Linda Wadley.

Linda putting her back into it!

Last year I designed and had built a garden room – I love this room, it’s incredibly peaceful and I’m starting to fill the space with lots of quirky bits and pieces, (I’ll save this for a later post once it’s finished), but the actual building was kind of floating and needed something to bring it together. Enter Linda – a fairly new friend of 3 years via a playgroup called Cheeky Monkeys…I know…random. But she wasn’t a Garden Designer then, which is why I was happily surprised to learn so much from her – she really knows her stuff, and now the space around the building looks complete…well almost – it just needs to grow.

She advised which plants to bring in for shade that would work with the contemporary style of the garden room, et voila: what do you think?

OK…I KNOW you can’t see some of the plants too well just yet, but apparently they’ll look AMAZING by Spring next year, hence the title! You’ll be calling me Green Fingers Owen before you know it…actually…no, please don’t – that doesn’t sound too nice!!

Call Linda Wadley on 07725 053 244.

3 thoughts on “impatient gardener

    1. I love an olive tree or two – once the ferns and the plant with the really big leaves grow a bit more, it should all look great. I’ll tweet you a pic of my hopeless talons though – they were great up until the point of me sadly trapping my thumb in the door. Nail on said thumb has fallen off, so manicures out of the question – my hands now look rubbish, so gardening not such a bad idea for them right now!!

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