playground personalities

St Dominic’s School for Girls, Brewood, Staffordshire, was the independent institution my parents chose due to my unhealthy appetite at the local comp for misbehaving and hanging out with less ambitious peers….oh, and I was a bit thick so needed some help!

So they handed me over to Sister Helen who lovingly threw me into a class of what can only be described as a well-established gang of alpha females, who were out to make each St Dominic’s teacher’s lives a misery…also known as Class WARD – I have no idea why our class was called Ward…might have been a place within some sort of hospital or something, (as mentioned, I was a bit thick). I loved and hated these strong characters in equal measure – they made me laugh ’til tears streamed down my spotty cheeks, but they also made me feel hugely inadequate. I was the bumpkin who literally came from a tiny sleepy little village, rode horses, reared goats and lambs and socialised with my equally bumpkin sister – so being part of Ward was a little daunting to say the least.

Firstly, most of them came from wealth; they were incredibly fashion savvy, wore silk Chantelle teddies, went to proper hairdressers who would perm them a decent curly bob on demand and would always look ‘sparkly’ when we had a school disco – (labels from the day were Dash, Next and OuiSet – diamante brooches and white silky patterned shirts with pearls and maybe a Fergie Bow… in velvet)!

Needless to say, I never kept in touch with any of them, which is sad really – I never felt I had much in common with most of the girls – and to be honest I haven’t really thought about them until… my sister recently decided to hold a reunion with her class. This event will be held next year, and I’m gate-crashing along with one other of the naughtiest Ward reprobates known to the Dominican Sisterhood…Estelle. She was possibly the most ALPHA of all the females in the class, was always picked first for Hockey, Netball, Volleyball… oh you name it, she was just picked… we’re an unlikely pair, but we now converse regularly on Facebook and I love that.

Although I was one of the quieter ones at St Doms, (yes my friends, I was quiet once), I came away with 7 O’ Level grade GCSE’s, and became a much stronger character for meeting these girls who have since, as far as I know, become incredibly successful women. So I’m glad my parents made that choice – as far as a reunion though, I’m not sure Ward will ever do it, but I will report back from my sister’s… think they were called Webster… Again, I have NO idea why these classes were called these names… but then I’m still a tiny bit thick!!

13 thoughts on “playground personalities

    1. You’re right….but Sister Helen did put me a year behind AND in all the lowest classes….where, without fail, I’d fail most academic subjects – I was good at Art, Domestic Science, (where I learnt how to iron a shirt properly), and Religious Studies, (which was ingrained anyway)….but I like your comment anyway lovely 🙂 xxxx

      1. Hi, yes I went a year behind too – I was a bit before your time Sister Mary Joan – 72 – 78. loved our school, came out with 5 GSE’s – quite an achievement for me!!! must have good memories, ‘cos sent my daughter – she did quite a lot better 12 GCSE’s – but don’t think she had quite as much fun. I have memories of sliding down the ‘old school’ bannisters and landing in the arms of the headmistress – knocking her veil back accidentally (Sister Mary Joan). quite a few detentions followed.

  1. I love that hat! I hope you have fun at your sisters reunion, and cause havoc gatecrashing 😉

    How long til you stopped being quiet? I’m still not loud yet! X

    1. That’s my St Dom’s Boater – we had to wear them on the bus home, or we received a detention!! I Became loud literally the day I left – I studied fashion design and found like-minded loons like me – the loudness stemmed from there really! 1988 to be precise! x

  2. Oh Liz you are too funny!!! My take on you was soooo different to how you imagined at the time!!!
    Amazing sleek brown bobbed hair with cheekbones to die for, my hair was a ball of untamed frizz that I decided to shave on the one side!!! Ok I will give you the sporty deal but you creamed me at typing and your art was amazing I still can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!!!
    We had a great sleep over at your farm which I just loved it was my idea of heaven!!! Yes I was very Alpha but hey you had to survive in that place and you know what we did – it made us stronger!!!! You are and always were a gorgeous girlie xxx

    1. AWww – fab comment darling, thank you. I loved your curls, specially when you shaved them down one side, you were well ahead of your time, Gucci’s branding did that WAY after you!! haha – they should have called our class Warden….was a bit like prison sometimes!!

  3. Liz, I have loved reading your memories of St Dom’s. Your boater is in a better condition than mine but, hey… at least it didn’t end up in the canal!! Looking forward to the reunion, Katie is doing a sterling job. Like you, I didn’t find my voice til I left in 1991 but no one has been able to silence me since! Great blog…have become a follower! 😉

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