new fitness faves

I’m on a bit of a mission to try and shave off a few pounds….off my body, not my purse, (which I’m brilliant at, what with the new season and lots of lovely new shops sprouting up all around me at the moment)…no no, I’d like to lose just a little bit of weight and found that my local gym holds Zumba classes.

So off I trot down to The Marlow Club with hope in my heart that maybe I’ve still ‘got it’ when it comes to rythm….oh how wrong I was!! I reckon I’ve been living in a deluded dance fantasy all my life, as this class proves I’m no candidate for one of Louie Spence’s classes at Pineapple Studios that’s for sure…..damnit!

However, after much foot stamping, (on other people’s toes I may add), shaking my bootie, (oh how it shook), I nearly, very nearly mastered an attempt at the rhythm part of it – I have to say, I caught myself in the mirror smiling whilst shimmying – it’s lots of fun.

I will be buying the DVD to practice in my own time and master some of the moves – although I won’t be telling my fellow gym buddies the next time I attend, as there was a little bit of a giggling audience on the mezz above the Zumba studio….you know who you are!!

2 thoughts on “new fitness faves

  1. Lovely blog. You seem to be a natural. I’m doing Zumba at home (63 years old; don’t have the heart to shake my “zumba” in front of a class). I must tell you that I have the rhythm naturally (yes, the sterotype is true) but it kicks my butt. I have way more than a few pounds to lose. Hopefully. it will give me the victory I need. It sure is fun! All the best.

    1. It’s great – it’s an ageless fitness routine – I’ve just turned 40 and I dance with a couple of 70 year olds…because they’re hilarious and just don’t care what others think!! I love them. Just read your blog…you are a very funny girl – it’s fab that you’re all the way over there in the States and you read my quite new blog – thank you x

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