London Fashion Week Fun

I’m a very lucky girl, especially after receiving a call a few weeks back from my lovely friend Antony Waller, (Brand Director for Bora Aksu), asking if I’d like to help him with Bora’s Spring Summer 2012 show during London Fashion Week…if only he could have seen my reaction…tea was nearly spat across Lady P’s nursery works of art…I played it cool and took my time to answer him…haha, did I hell – I immediately jumped at the chance and said “YES…OF COURSE!!!”, giggling and mentally already planning what to wear for the occasion….I’m really not cool enough for this game, I’ve helped out at London Fashion Week before and was exactly the same, I’d never make an icy Fashion Editor, I just can’t contain myself, hence me being a PR instead!

So the big day arrived yesterday and was a great success. This is down to clearly the studio team who were all just lovely and like one big family, Antony’s amazing organisational skills, experience and contacts, clearly the uber talented designer Bora who designed possibly the most beautiful creations I have EVER seen and was calm throughout and of course all the fab, bright eyed helpers who were there on hand for the day.

Bora’s beautiful little lady niece sporting one of his creations, Bora & myself in the pub afterwards

One special moment was when I  opened the rope to a few crazy keen fashionistas, who dashed to the door with 1 minute to spare – I’ve NEVER seen heels run so fast, it was a moment to behold as I saw a flash of prints, wild hair, crazy bags and heels charge to the golden gate – I so wish I’d captured it on my iphone. Talking of which, apologies for the poor quality of images, all were taken on said iphone, oh, and me talking on the film…again, a very uncool moment!

I know Bora’s team will be downloading all the latest news, pics and footage here – until then, have a look at my shocking camera work on the iphone below of the finale – again, apologies for me talking over at the end like an idiot, I had an ear-piece in my ear telling me to go back-stage, hence me sounding a little too loud…

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