team manky bunny

I’ve mentioned endlessly to anyone who’ll listen, I love the online network and support blogging provides with other like minded lovelies out there and to make a small difference sometimes…I met two amazing girls this year via blogging; Sian To, founder of and Claire Archbold, founder of and at this year’s Cybermummy11. I’m meeting both this Saturday with my little ladies somewhere…not sure where exactly, I’m sure Sat Nav will show me the way! It’s somewhere near the coast – that’s for sure!!

Water Aid is clearly a worthy cause, helping communities gain access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation, so 5 miles dragging 2 children on a Radio Flyer Wagon this Saturday, is NOTHING in comparisson to how far some people walk daily in other countries to find clean water. Reading Sian’s blog, I have a feeling the  Wagon may be used a fair bit during our coastal ramble!! We’ll see…pics will be posted for your amusement and tweeted throughout our little adventure.

In the mean time if you’d like to support Team Manky Bunny, please click on the Just Giving link below, clearly any donations will be gratefully received xx

One thought on “team manky bunny

  1. What a wonderful thing to do, my love. Have always promised that if millions came my way, a good chunk of it would be donated to these clean water charities. xxx

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