Rewind Festival – the 80’s never sounded so good

Again, it’s been a while since settling down and composing my recent happenings, I put this down to lack of motivation / summer hangovers / certain friends and family / eating too much / bloggers block / mental block / motivation block / general blockage / awholelotta holidays / general fun / festivals / that type of thing.

I’ll start with another festival which I can HIGHLY recommend if any of you have a guilty pleasure for Howard Jones, Hugh & Cry, ABC, Bananarama, Billy Ocean, Bucks Fizz, etc – I SWOONED on arrival at the Rewind Festival in Henley on Thames last month. Although I was hugely into clubbing and the dance scene from late 80’s onwards, I still had a lot of love for those I’ve just mentioned, (especially for Hugh & Cry).

Clearly the best bits of Rewind were the fancy dress, (funniest moments of this was someone dressed as Vivienne from the Young Ones doing his pervy laugh and snorting…oh and Chewbacca with a Storm Trooper, clearly pics of this HAD to be taken), along with a whole HOST of Madonnas, bad fleurescent numbers and silly wigs. The atmosphere, (it was just a happy 80’s vibe minus the youth!!)..oh and the music. Billy Ocean stormed the stage and had the whole field in a frenzy – even our very small children were getting ‘down’ to his Caribbean Queen and Get Outta My Car!

Things we learned not to do again? Forget the kids, it’s not for them! Just drink the Pimms and stock up on this one drink, as much as you and friends can hold – we were stuck in a que for the most expensive miniatures of the most goddawful wine (Black Tower no less…eeewww – my taste for alcohol since the 80’s has improved, this stuff was an insult)! Make sure you fail to listen to certain friend’s optimistic weather forecasts the day before the event and wear wellies and waterproofs – if you must wear sandals, ensure a pair of Havaiana’s are at hand for when the weather cheers up. We only live down the road, so our saturatedness was short lived!

This event was definitely for those who LOVED the 80’s, who LIVED in the 80’s or for the younger ones who just APPRECIATE the 80’s (and were probably conceived during that decade) – hopefully I’ll see you there next year for some lycra and batwing fun, (although I may wear a vintage mini crini and go all Sarah Stockbridge on you) xx

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