catching up..

After quite a hectic few weeks of…er….not sure, but it’s been quite hectic – I left work about 3 weeks ago and time seems to have flittered by in one great big WHOOSH!! My life is now back in my own hands, and as much as I loved working for a lovely ┬áLondon Team, I now feel empowered to go out there and do all the things I’ve really wanted to do for a long time. Mainly catch up with my family and friends I haven’t seen for a while, organise all the things I’ve been leaving for another day, plan some exciting future fun and do a spot of PR as and when people need it rather than every day.

So far though there have been quite a few fun nights out, play dates, birthday parties, BBQ’s, a fleeting trip to Staffordshire to see mum and dad and another to Cornwall to see my gorgeous friend Clare – think I need a break…..oh wait, that’s soon, watch this space! In the mean time, please see photographic evidence of the last 3 weeks…AKA Time Whooshing!! (Please excuse the After Party Vid…some may find this offensive!!)

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