a bombay boudoir birthday bash

I haven’t been as excited about a birthday party since my 18th, (excited/scared/anxious – all of the above really, as my 18th was a full-on Skins party with all the trimmings…again, to save for a later post), clearly my party wasn’t going to be a Skins party as we’re all now responsible parents, (well some of us are)……aren’t we? It was in my back garden for goodness sake, I have neighbours…..jeez, this is Marlow….Daily Mail country…..we HAVE to behave!!

We didn’t, there was far too much champagne to go round for good behaviour, and yes, the neighbours did complain but I did warn them in advance and that it was a one off! All I will say is this, I had the BEST party, I had the BEST guests and most of all, I had the BEST time – this mixed with fantastic food, courtesy of The Seriously Good Food Company, (http://www.seriously-good-food.com/) and the most beautiful tent  by The Arabian Tent Company (http://www.arabiantents.com/), lots of Mohitos and Champagne and hilarious entertainment by a local Burlesque Company, (!) all added to a brilliant night.

I’m still recovering as the evening didn’t end until 6.30am – but I’ve been told a good night was had by all and my gorgeous friend Emma took some fab pics which I thought I’d share – clearly they don’t show the controversial heated early morning conversations, people turning up off the street, (the more the merrier I say), someone whacking up the music after the neighbourly complaint and dancing like everyone was watching and the endless ‘I LOVE YOU’s’ going round – god it was funny! Anyway, I leave you with some great pics from the evening….

5 thoughts on “a bombay boudoir birthday bash

  1. Loved it ! Sunday wasn’t easy though… Hope your year is a fab one – and thanks for such a fab do. Rach xxx

  2. Just sat at home, still extremely hung over from tabasco, and a bit bored without my boy and reading your blog……… not bored of reading your blog obviously! Just want to say, what on earth am I doing?! You can almost see my knickers…….. if I was wearing any…. Joke! Big Love, xxx

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