thank you for the best birthday EVER!!

I’m not even sure where to start with this post – I have been totally humbled and dumb-founded, (anyone who knows me will think that’s odd….apart from those that knew me when I was 5 when I had selective mutism….yeah, weird child, another post maybe). I reckon I’m the luckiest person in the world and this is why…

Last week my sister and best friend Bands had arranged a lunch for me with most of my closest friends who live locally to me – we all bobbed over to The Royal Oak in Marlow for a lovely lunch to celebrate my actual 40th – nothing unusual there you say. Conversation flowed and discussions regarding my birthday party on the Saturday commenced – Dolly even offered me her pink dress that I had my eye on, as I’d failed to sort out an outfit.

Hush commenced, gorgeous pressies were given including a beautiful bunch of flowers from Bands, an amazing cake that mum had made and a….er….really odd couple of bangles that my sister gave me!! At which point sis laughed, joked that I would react so ungratefully and then handed me a pink box….inside this pink box was THE most amount of cash I’ve seen for a while! The speech sis gave humbled me to silence – she’d sent an email round to all of my friends, who had all contributed, and a day had been planned at Bicester to splash said contents of the box.

At this point I just wanted to cry, then everyone had to go to collect their little ones from school, (including mum who had to get Lady I….in the pouring rain), whilst sis and I left for Bicester. We tried most shops, but ended at Alice Temperley, a designer who I have always admired and whose designs have such an ethereal bohemian style to them – just STUNNING dresses – this is a rubbish pic and I shall be replacing it with a better one from my amazing photographer friend Emma, (real name used here in case anyone would like to hire her), but wanted to show you what it looked like.

I have also since been to Vivienne Westwood to spend the rest of the cash on one of her latest creations – again, another pic needs to be taken. I’m a massive fan of VW, so couldn’t be happier.

What I want to say here is ‘Thank you to all of you who gave me one of the BEST presents EVER, I have exactly what I wanted and it made my 40th birthday incredibly special – I love you all dearly and will be writing to each of you personally, (no really, I know I never do, but this time I really really will – I promise!!)

Post about the party coming up once Emma sends over pics!!

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