happy birthday mummy xx

Apologies….I have been a little slack to say the least trying to organise my life this week, hence just the one post about being disorganised, (ironic I know), plus this week has been possibly the busiest socially since my youth – I’m not joking, I have a 40th to go to tonight, I’m feeling a little broken after a few too many champagnes last night for Dolly’s birthday (I’m still feeling a little unsure about my behaviour actually, hopefully I didn’t let her down in front of her other friends who I have never met before – the drunken tennis was funny though). And then it was Sports Day yesterday too – haha, I raced – I bet I looked such a fool! Then Reception parents drinks night out on Thursday, again, no control over the vodka and tonics or the after party invite to Lemmy and Balls’, (see MOTR post, but this was with dads too), and on top of working in London Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, lets just say life is a little hectic right now!

But here I am, (waves), with another post and this time focusing on my mother, (she’s not mental, just very funny even if she doesn’t mean to be), ah, I can hear her sighing with disappointment from here, wondering what the hell I’m going to write. But mummy, fear not, this is all good and an ode to you because it’s your birthday on Monday, (see, I remembered….just!)

Gosh…where do I start? She is an amazing farmer’s wife who can talk about the world and his dog if you let her, I can’t actually remember how many courses she has completed during my life time, but she’s still doing her upholstery course every Tuesday, has done rag rug making, cake decorating, watercolours, English Literature, small holding, beauty, aromatherapy, and more. She’s bred goats and roped me into attending said goat shows – yes, she even registered me to be part of the North Staffs Goats Society, (not the coolest society to be part of as a 14 year old), she became so good at this that a couple of her prize Anglo Nubians were top in the UK, (yeah, this stuff actually goes on!), she also kept pigs, chickens, geese and quals, won prizes for her cheese making and her cake making and is possibly the best cook I know, (if only that was genetic)!

I have tons of funny memories of mum, she really can be quite clumsy and the amount of silly moments are countless, (mis-sitting on chairs a popular one, falling down man holes another, chairs flying backwards with her in them also one of her specialities), there are others clearly, but she’d dis-own me if I mentioned them!

Best of all, she’s one of the most caring people I know, looking after my father who has the final stages of parkinson’s daily, visiting her friends and family when she can during this difficult time, she was also 100% there for me when I had an ‘episode’ in my 20’s and she’s always been there for my sister and her son.

I feel very lucky to be her daughter…….’HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY’…*raises glass in her honour*


4 thoughts on “happy birthday mummy xx

  1. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo need to update this blog!!! There are more Mummy stories………… she is a LEGEND! xxx

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