forgetful procrastinator…..not great qualities!

OK – I’m not sleeping too well because I know I have a MILLION things to do, I haven’t written a list and extra little details slip into my life that I arranged ages ago via different forms of media, (using Facebook, Text, Twitter or Email….I should stick with just the one really, because I forget how I know things and then think I dreamed them up). This is because I have a tendency to leave personal details right to the last minute,  which tends to happen when I’m working!

My 40th is in 2 weeks time, I leave work in 3 weeks time and little Lady I breaks up from school in a weeks time, my mum’s birthday is next week and there are five invites for the 16th that need RSVPing – just looking at that typed out is quite stressful. I still need to organise my 40th, (the invites have gone so I best make a list for this right?), there are a million things I want to do for my job before I leave, (anyone fancy doing a PR strategy for the next 6 months please?), I need to book Lady I into a Yoga workshop for the first week of her school holiday…….ugh, I won’t bore you with all the other details, there are too many and actually, seeing this written down is making me feel a bit sick!!

I know I’m not alone with this weakness, I’m sure there must be others out there like me, but who would be stupid enough to admit such a bad weakness on the internet?……..hmm – unfortunately, I do tend to hang out with some incredibly organised girlies who seem to have their life in perfect order, so I may be wrong! I blame technology, the weather, my health, work, my past, my children, my sister, my mum, my poor hubby, just to make me look a little less forgetful! The same applies with my ever growing To Do list, which I glare at, tut and go do something which was never a priority……like pluck my eyebrows or take princess stickers off the windows, (an awful job, it took ages and I was covered in stickers after)!!

One day maybe I will learn to use an XCEL spreadsheet for all of my tasks and budgets, I will write down lists for my personal life, (I do this for work, why not my life?), I will learn to prioritise my tasks and not blame others for my lack of personal organisational skills and finally I will ACTION tasks as and when they happen…..hell, one day Lady I might actually have done her homework on time for school….little steps first though!!

One day my home life will be one happily organised, zen vibe and one where I won’t be sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night with a look of terror and sweating after one of those niggley little tasks entered my brain during a dream!

Right, I need to get dressed, it’s midday!!…..Oooh look, a really cool Twitter thread…..!!

3 thoughts on “forgetful procrastinator…..not great qualities!

  1. I dream of this too. In real life I am a fabulous PA, at home I have a list of lists!

    Good luck with your organisation, I feel your pain!


  2. Great post, once again….Nop, you are not alone

    There is a little book another mum recomended me once: “I was a good mum until I have kids” (type the text in Amazon and you will see it”. It is not a bestseller or anything but a real experience of two working mums (and many others they interviewed) trying to raise children without totally loosing their minds. I have to admit I really enjoyed reading through it. Among many other things, they concluded we mums are all too stressed because we set insane expectations to ourselves and are way too hard judges on our own achievements. And they are right!

    I’m sure your 40th will be just perfect, I already look forward to read about it here!

    Wish you luck with all the juggling, you’ll be fine….

  3. Do you know what, I’ve a theory about this. I believe because I’m so superbly efficient at work, and brilliant at my job (it may sound incredibly big headed, but actually it’s just fact) that my personal life suffers for it. At home I have 20 notebooks and to do lists. I’m always rushing about for presents. I’ve a cleaner and dog walker, so no excuses …. Other than I’m exhausted. I work hard, when I’m not working I’m desperate to spend quality time with Lola so basically I switch off! If I did less hours, left the house at a reasonable time and got home at a reasonable time it may be different. My colleague is super-organised …. She does most of this organising at work, while I’m working! Gosh ramble. Shut up Claire!

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