mums on the run….

I’m now thinking about some of the content I COULD post on here, but I have to be careful, these things tend to fly back in your face when you really don’t want them to! Although I will ask this – why is it, that every time I go out with friends, even newly acquired friends, we tend to ‘over-DO-it’ a little???? I’m talking mummy friends here.

I went out for a lovely lunch on sunday with my family, close best friends Bands, Woir, Carl, Lemmy and my sister Maty, (it was Bands’ birthday by the way, and Woir had returned from NY so double celebrations), and I arrived with one HUMDINGER of a hangover! I discussed this with Carl who mentioned I was suffering the usual ‘Mums-On-The-Run’ syndrome.

MOTR, (shall we say), is a symptom usually acquired after children are born, and mummy’s realise in one fell swoop that life changes beyond ALL recognition, therefore, when said mothers actually find a point at which they can eventually socialise, and wine is offered, they may slightly over-do it a little, as they never know when the next occasion may be.

This can be said was very true for the last two weekends of my life – take Cybermummy two weeks ago for example,  it all started SO innocently, then somehow one minute I was happily handing out name tags at reception with a big fat Barbie smile on my face, meeting and greeting gorgeous fellow mummy bloggers, to helping with the Q&A session during Sarah Brown and Rachel Johson’s talks and then ending up in a hotel room with other similar mummy bloggers….with WINE!! Please note though, whilst giving out the name tags, I did take a mental note of where the cases of wine were….which was under the table…near me. This then led to me kind of nudging and winking with fellow mummy bloggers, to finally ending back at said hotel room reading a naughty book and opening a bottle of wine with a pen and a towel, (yeah, rock and roll…..woooohoooo!!). Que footage of swaying, squealing mummy bloggers on a Cyber Curry night out….one very well known MB was even caught on film later passed out being drip fed gin every time she ‘came-to’!! Mums-On-The-Run example number one.

MOTR example number two, (remember, I speak for myself here!) Again, a totally innocent weekend that started in our local school playground for something called the ‘Big Bounce’ – haha, (I know, hilarious but a brilliant idea to raise much needed cash….did I tell you that our local school just won ‘Outstanding’, so proud of them – another post maybe!). This day consisted of taking our children to a playground FULL of bouncy castley things, ( big bouncy slides, castles, you know, the usual air type filled fun one expects for a day called the ‘Big Bounce’ – 5 of them in fact). Anyway, we get there, see our fellow ‘Schoolgate Lovelies’, prop ourselves on a rug and let our kiddies off the leash…there was wine on the grounds…we got whiff of was a hot day..we drank..then we had a text from our other friends we’d planned to meet for a 40th later, who were running around town taking pics of themselves in silly situations, (juvenile acts consisting of phone boxes, wearing masks in toys shops and sitting next to little old ladies on a park bench), they too had taken the evil wine, clearly….so we downed our wine, found our feral, bouncing, over hyped, screaming children, left, preened ourselves and joined them at the local hotspot later! Classic example of MOTR – drinking too quickly to try to catch up with the other MOTR’s who’d been drinking all day. Needless to say, much later there was wobbly pole dancing on the town roundabout’s Cenotaph, (is that wrong?), waving to Chinese cats in a shop window and ending up in the ROUGHEST pub possible dancing with a lady in pink shorts.

PLEASE tell me about your MOTR moments, I’m sure there are some extremely funny ones out there?? Oh I do hope so!


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