mummys ROCK….fact!

I just tried to write the following post on my own personal facebook, (it’s a bit of a rant that I thought my friends would find inspiring), attaching a link to another blogger’s post from last weekend’s Cybermummy, but FB being a limiting little bugger when it comes to Status, wouldn’t let me go over 410 words, so I asked 3 UK mummy bloggers via Twitter what they thought if I posted my rant…..they said ‘DO IT’. So here it is:

I was inspired  by Muddling Along Mummy’s post, (please click on the image to read her feature) which I feel doesn’t necessarily apply just to mummy bloggers – Rachel Johnson, (Boris Johnson’s sister), spoke at Cybermummy last weekend, and her talk was a little patronising to say the least.

Just because you’re a mummy, doesn’t mean you’re just that!! Pah to idiots who think that’s all we’re cut out for!! RJ has nannys, drivers, housekeeping, private schools, and all the other trappings of an overpaid editor….I have FAR more respect for all my mummy friends who work, don’t work, have made a difference and make others laugh – you ROCK and don’t let others make you feel anything less than amazing.

Rant over…..

2 thoughts on “mummys ROCK….fact!

  1. Yes to ranting (and yes to the strange fact you have two of my logos up there!) – Rachel Johnson did not treat us with the respect a paying audience deserved with my particular dislike being her checking her text messages whilst speaking

    I dislike that people write us off as Mummys rather than realising the raft of other great stuff we are as well as being mummys – go us, as you say, we rock!

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