friends – cull, create, support & love

I’ve always had an odd view of friendships, mainly because I went to various schools and always felt a bit of a misfit in both of them, (a local comp and then private girl’s school), my childhood was more about making dens in the woods and riding ponies with my sister and cousins than hanging out with lots of children, I also think living on a farm in the middle of Staffordshire didn’t really help my social life to be honest.

Then I was given Veronica Volvo for my 17th birthday, drove off, (quite quickly) and made more  friends via the clubbing scene (clearly), and at the local college because we all had the same interest in common. Although after time, life seriously changed from crazy youth, ie. camping out at friends’ houses after plenty of big nights, to moving away from home, finding a career in London, still partying but thinking about settling down.

At this point in my life I did make the decision to say goodbye to a few old acquaintances I’d known for years, I won’t go into any details, but thought that if I was constantly feeling unhappy because of others, then surely it’s healthier to cull any negative influences. So I did, and after the initial hurt, life moved on and made space for other gorgeous, positive people to come into my life.

I’m now friends with some amazingly fun, (very important that bit) people from the places I’ve worked, my hubby’s pals, NCT, a select few from nursery and now at the school, all of whom inspire me and make me utterly happy. Clearly though, my absolute star and best friend will always be my sister, no matter how annoying she is sometimes…AKA Matey!! Haha – I could SO abuse her in this blog…!! I won’t though for fear of her starting her own blog purely to abuse me, and that wouldn’t do!

The BIGGEST new friendship surprise though was this weekend. I helped Sian To, one of the Founders of Cybermummy with Cybermummy11, mainly to see what all this blogging ‘stuff’ is about and what on earth they could talk about at the event – it was BRILLIANT, and met some amazing amazing girls. I was in the fortunate position of handing out the name tags and was put on mic Q&A duty during some inspiring talks, (Sarah Brown, Rachel Johnson, Lord Richard Allan from Facebook and Liz from Save the Children to drop just a few names). OBVIOUSLY the wine was found and retrieved from under a table in reception….(sadly I think there is photographic evidence of this…!) Oh bugger, yes there is, just watched the 60 second round-up video, and there they are….my feet that is..under a table!! If you want a laugh, just click on the Cybermummy link and watch until you come to a pair Sam Edelman leopard wedges at the end…..well someone had to get the wine!!! 

Apart from that, I can honestly say that this new-found gang, (the naughty table as I like to call it), will DEFINITELY be part of the existing crew, who I will always aim to make happy, support and love in years to come I hope….cheers, (holds up a glass of cool white wine in honour of all my friends) xxxx

12 thoughts on “friends – cull, create, support & love

    1. The time went so quickly Laura, because we all had SUCH a fab time together – can’t get over how amazing all of you were and how much fun we all had together. I really hope we see each other soon xxx

  1. Ha ha ha! I was just popping here to grab a link to your site for my post, but wasn’t going to mention that under the table incident. I thought I’d protect your honour and all that! xx

    1. Ah well, as long as we keep it to just the legs-under-the-table incident – the rest however….wink and a tap of the nose if you know what I mean – especially ‘THAT’ book!! Hahahahahaaa – I have footage of us looking at it – too too funny. You were SO amazing yesterday Claire and am sorry I didn’t see it to the end – next time SOOOOOON though xxxxx

    1. OH you’re an amazing superstar and I had WAY too much fun with you all – thank you darling and congrats on pulling off a FANTASTIC conference. Biggest kisses to you XXXXXX

  2. I have your notepad!!! Nice to have met you dm me your address (@baby_genie) and I’ll post it x

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