rural wedded bliss…

I LOVE weddings – I love going to them, I love reading about them, I love hearing about them, but most of all I LOVED our big day back in 2004. So this post is dedicated to brides to be, newlyweds, mothers of brides and those who just LOVE a good wedding.

I’m going to discuss my own experience, as it makes me happy, (I’m selfish I know, but it brings back amazing memories, as I’m sure it will for other happily married’s). The proposal was a little lacking though, which is all I’ll say…no….it’s not all I’ll say actually…I had to HARP on at my other half for a while….6 months to be exact, giving him a deadline of 3 months from the New Year of engagement year…3 months passed and still nothing, so when at a pre-wedding party in the city, whereupon we had a few too many and I did the emotional, ‘so when are you EVER going to ask me’ line…at which point he said, ‘so shall we get married then?’….my beautiful lifetime fantasy of a soul mate whisking me off to an exotic destination, leaning down on one knee, whilst a golden sunset melted into the background……DASHED!! Here I was, at a party, pissed…….and THAT was my proposal! I did insist he take me out onto the balcony though with St Paul’s as the backdrop, (I say take…more like stumbled), where he did get down on one knee, looked up with bozz-eyed stare and asked me to be his wife!

From the hangover on, we did finally manage to pull together a rather decent ‘do’, if I do say so myself. It had to be at my home in Staffordshire, a rural idyll where I grew up. Hubby’s mother gave me her mother’s engagement ring which had been designed in the 30’s by her father, which was so beautiful, I based the style round this era in honor to hubby’s granny.

I designed the dress myself (see illustrated image), and instructed that flowers and bridesmaids match. Clearly there were a few challenges along the way, but I reckon we achieved the look I wanted. Apart from the wedding car….which only had to take me less than half a mile away, failed to pick me up until 46 minutes after dropping off my mum and bridesmaids – dad, who has Parkinson’s bless him, waited with me through this agonising time, suggested we plant some Stargaze Lilly’s while we wait….at which point I just FLIPPED! The car did eventually turn up after a few stressful calls to my sister and eventually the driver.

So I share with you a select few images of the day, which are happily ingrained in my ‘Happy Memory’ file, featuring moments in the day I cared most…..if you’re about to become a husband or wife, please let me leave you with this:

“Take a tip from one who knows….tie your nightie to your toes”

One thought on “rural wedded bliss…

  1. Mummy of Mummy in Manolos says she did most of the organising – I’d do it all again if only we hadn’t moved from the farm!! Yes, a perfect Day apart from the half-baked vintage car driver – 80 if he was a day! A beautiful bride in a cleverly designed dress by her, No photo of Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Bridegroom. Shame about that Lizzie! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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