I’M 40 IN JULY!!!! *crosses arms, looks down to the ground with furrowed brows and sulks*…

OK…I’ve been sulking BIG TIME about this particular subject! I CANNOT believe I have already reached this part of my life, actually I’m a bit surprised despite my 90’s hedonistic activities – see ‘mis-spent youth’ post! I just have to accept it, have a little party to celebrate and look back on the best memories so far.

I say ‘little party’ – I’ve had in my mind this vision…..this is probably the reason I’m most sulking about. You see I’ve been organising and delivering parties since I could pick up the phone, most notably my 18th (saving for another post), but recently due to the sheer amount of kiddies parties, press launches, leaving do’s, general dinners, BBQ’s, and the last-minute let’s get together for drinks parties – I’m just all partied OUT! Well, I’m not really but am a bit tired of being the organiser for anything we do.

So I was hoping for this….I turn up into a field with a blind fold on, hubby takes it off, whereby the first thing I notice are the fire torches leading the way to a HUGE yurt positioned perfectly for the sunset, whereupon I enter this STUNNING bohemian room full of my friends old and new, a headline DJ, a separate stage with up and coming bands, vodka luge, low seating and tables, fairy lights, beautiful flower displays, living naked men statues, a comedy act, burlesque dancing, champagne on tap, chip van, ice-cream van, dancing on the tables later…..not TOO much to ask for is it????

I’ve been reliably informed by Mr Mim that this may be a little too much and to look into maybe a more simple idea! Simplifying SUCKS….you can’t simplify without offending. I wrote out my dream friend list and then had to cut it and then again and again….it was heartbreaking – I was warned about this by a close friend (AKA phallic stalker), then another friend mentioned the same thing at the gym, (AKA Dolly)….and so it goes on. Another gave me a contact for a beautiful tent company called Arabian Tents, (AKA Mo) – so I’ve contacted them, and I might be booking them any time soon, (can you hear the stress in this post?)…..my main culprit has been a new, but great friend (AKA Steve), who has encouraged me to do all this, but I’m glad she has because I need to do something, and there’s nothing like a bit of encouragement from friends and family to bring you out of a spot of sulking.

OK, so what?…I’ll be turning 40 in July. I’m happy, my beautiful family are happy, I have incredible friends and I’m very, VERY lucky. My parents gave me a great start in life and I am grateful for this. So please join me in July to raise a toast to 1971 – a great year….I’ll post the best pics after the event in July……yurt or no yurt!!…

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