Mis-spent Youth…

I’m not sure where to start with this little subject, there’s a fair amount of content, most of which will always/have to be kept close to my heart. However, I do feel we should be aware of how we felt back in the day, what we did and how we dealt with our behaviour and emotions, making us more aware of similar characteristics that may re-surface within our little ones in the future.

During my Fashion College days in the  late 80’s early 90’s, I was SERIOUSLY into clubbing. I loved the music, (still do), the fashion, (I’ll never forget the endless amount of leather, PVC and lycra mixed together – John Richmond, Nick Coleman and Sarah Sturgeon were the main culprits for my look), the clubs/warehouses were amazing, (if a little dirty, but who cared – well I did, especially when wearing white jeans), my clubbing friends and all the other fun that came with this era!

I had possibly the most INCREDIBLE time at this point, there was a little group of us travelling far and wide around the UK (mainly in the North), somehow meeting each other (without mobile phones), finding the most obscure places (without a Sat Nav), in tiny cars which usually ended with 10 random people late at night asking for a lift back to some house party/rave in a random location. We did this, driving for hours with a tiny car stereo blaring mix-tapes featuring Sasha/John Digweed/Danny Rampling/Tony de Vit/Graham Park, (the usual suspects) and sometimes having a little break between locations at service stations, where lots of other like-minded clubbers seemed to congregate.

It was a friendly time!! And we met lots of fun and crazy people, mainly at the Hacienda in Manchester or Shelley’s in Stoke – we also attended less salubrious venues, (in comparison to the former two mentioned, they were AWFUL),  the less said the better about those, which is why I wonder what on EARTH my mother must have been going through at the time.

I used to return back to the farm in a terrible state, still with my little stereo on full blast in Veronica Volvo 340. My health suffered and I had the usual symptoms of someone ‘over-doing’ it – my parents had no idea how to handle this behaviour. I now look back at this and put myself in my mums (hugely unfashionable and non-inheritable) shoes – well she was a farmer’s wife after all (sorry mum!), and wonder what I’d do if I was in the same situation.

In those days, it was all completely new, it was a new music era and my generation led it, so there was no advice out there for parents who had clubbing kids, returning with dilated pupils, no appetite, constantly tired and more moody than the average teenager. Now there’s no end of  help, parents can tap into the internet at any time, the NHS and local government services. Our children will NEVER be able to get away with it!

I did have fun, lots of fun, but wish I hadn’t been quite so selfish towards my parents! Although, emerging from all the madness, I did manage to fit in 3 minutes of fame – I appeared on Top of the Pops, which was fun if badly done – I’m the lunatic with a silly bob, sporting the ravey wavey hand motions behind the singer for Bizarre Inc’s Playing with Knives – wearing a Michi Kokoshino body with a huge hole in the middle and a silver belt pinned between my legs – the pervy camera man got a great shot of my crotch bless him. I was terribly nervous and a really bad dancer, but the song, fashion and dance epitomised that era for me and lots of others…

6 thoughts on “Mis-spent Youth…

  1. This is amazing!!! I totally loved the car convoys and parties in the woods, but alas I was too young for the Hacienda days! My parents worried too, but look, we all turned out okay in the end!! Your dancing is er, AMAZING, the guy dancing with you was clearly on it!! Great to have this though. I have no claim to fame … other than my dad nearly ran over Margaret Thatchers dog once. I was in the car but I don’t suppose that counts does it!

    1. Haha – you’re incredibly modest darling girl – you are one of the UK’s biggest bloggers!! Dead Thatcher dog or no dead Thatcher dog – hahahahaa – bet THAT bit of news got into the Daily Mail – did you keep the cuttings??

  2. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – No mention yet sweetheart. Mummy wasn’t there so need coverage – photos of that fabulous dress (Sis said you looked amazing). Also pics of that cake which took me ages and of which I was quite proud!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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