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weddingfest fun…

1 September, 2013

What happens when a fantastic couple throw a wedding party with a hot air balloon, an interactive circus performance for kiddies, an ice-cream van, hog roast, mini golf, football for certain ‘out of practice’ team members, bouncy castles, fantastic food, a brilliant band, dj, and a genius photobooth?

THIS…this is what you get….

Beaton's Boudoir

queen liz n Mel

Thank you Dawn and Simon for one HECK of a wedding party – here’s to you guys for a fabulous future together xx

flowery collage

one more step along the world I go….

29 July, 2013

Sandygate School Yr 2

Last Wednesday saw my little girl’s last day at their incredible Sandygate School before the Summer Holidays began. It was an already bonkers week with work, attending a fashion trade show AND a press show, and the added challenge of volunteering the teacher’s gift collection plus an illustration as part of the present (see above….why do I do it?!!).

So it was with little surprise that when finally I had the chance to breath and attend the leavers morning for my eldest, (who will be moving onto Middle School…yes, we have a 3 tier schooling system over here like ye olden days), I burst into tears. I blubbed like a child as our 7 yr olds sang the Sandygate version of Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’, (lyrics included ‘friends forever’…I completely broke down at this point).

We’re very lucky to have such an amazing local infant school here in Marlow, the children are nurtured rather than pushed, and bullying is none existent – I love the teachers and I know my 7 year old will miss them so much. They have so many happy memories from this school and all the teachers should take credit for this. I believe the quote in the illustration, and hope that my girls will take all their amazing experiences from Sandygate with them into the future…


magical, musical madness…

15 July, 2013

Emma's 40th

There are no words to describe how much fun I had this weekend….’magical’ and ‘incredible’ are just two. It was my gorgeous friend Emma’s 40th – we met Emma and Dom via our NCT group when we lived in Battersea, and we knew at that first and slightly awkward meeting that we’d be good friends. Little did I know though, how many other amazing buddies were behind them, which leads me onto my post…

Collage 2

We stayed at Ridge Farm, an uber cool, hedonists rural hideaway and studio – Oasis and others recorded their albums here, hence the theme of the 40th centered around the music industry. Memorable moments had to be the tea, provided by talented duo Claire and Stuart, who created the food, drink and graphics (this included curry cupcakes…who knew, and vodka infused Earl Grey…there was a reason why this stuff was called evil), all were centered around lyrics and shaped as musical themes, just so clever and fun and yummy all at the same time.

40th collage 1

The final request was for us all to perform in front of said friends as an act, (I think most of us felt a little sick at the thought of having to do this…much alcohol was consumed beforehand). Ed and I went as Kylie and Robbie and sang Kids….really badly! We fell over, this was due to so many other reasons though!

So I dedicate this post to Emma – Happy Birthday darling, I feel honored to have been invited along with you and all your fabulous friends, thank you so much for such a memorable weekend…

it’s just a hedge thing…

5 July, 2013


It had to be said, my hedges needed a damn good trimming and it was so time to call my trusty team from Jenks Wokingham, Nathan and Stuart – the most experienced, trustworthy and attractive Arboritists in the land. By a long shot.

Hedge Trimming

They pop over, have a little look and post me a quote for pruning and trimming my overgrown foliage – clearly I approved. On this occasion however, I requested an old pine be chopped down and the stump to be styled into a table – this was absolutely no trouble…in fact, why not sculpt a couple of chairs and toadstools while they were at it from the remainder  of the tree – you know, for the kiddies…this added extra time onto their schedule. No trouble at all I said, (wide eyed and slightly dumbstruck)…

toadstools and chairs

Anyway, as you can see from the following pics, they did an incredible job – they are firstly and foremost brilliant at what they do. I call on them because I trust them completely – they’re not the usual cowboys who throw a leaflet through the door claiming that they’re already in the neighbourhood and would I like them to pop over for a reduced rate, which has happened and boy did I learn a lesson – after overpaying said cowboys, who did cut down the wrong tree, hacked unecessarily at the other mature apple trees left in the garden and brought all their dodgy looking mates through my house who looked at my valuables while I was on my own with a small baby, (never again) – I therefore cannot recommend Nathan and Stuart highly enough. If you are based in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire or Berkshire, are on your own during the day and need a team who are not only qualified, but are totally trustworthy and actually care about the way your garden looks…oh, and um…ehem…are a little easy on the eye *cough* – well you know who to call

hedge trimming collage


yoga connections…

23 June, 2013

yoga lotus

Sometimes something new and amazing appears in my life, and then I wonder how on earth I ever lived without it before – recently I’ve fallen in love with the ancient practice of Yoga. It’s something I’ve always looked on with deep admiration for others who practice every day and can bend in all sorts of positions, but it never really appealed to me. I love the freedom of running or the exhausting but exhilarating feeling after a good gym session. It kind of crept up on me, and before I knew it – BAM, I’m addicted and am starting to plan all sorts of retreats.

I think I can blame my friend Mel, a total yogi and wouldn’t be without her Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday sessions – she invites me with her, luring me into blissful classes, connecting me to some incredible teachers, (in Marlow we have two amazing girls, Sarah Carter and Joelle Pettitt) – I dabbled years ago in my 20’s, but never really connected with anyone, they all seemed so serious…and I’m so not – I realise now it’s important to be able to connect. Now after each session, I’m either in fits of giggles or an emotional blubbing mess…again, I can’t explain this…it may be due to the fact I’m a little strange!

It’s such a peaceful experience, especially after organising two small people, (or at least trying to), working  and endless crazy weekends – my sanctuary is the mat now and I can’t recommend it highly enough – even my girls do it after school and they love it. I heard it can sometimes open you up spiritually – I really didn’t believe it before, but I absolutely do now…I’d love to hear about other experiences…

Silent Sunday

2 June, 2013


Chelsea Flower Show…

25 May, 2013


This year was Chelsea Flower Show’s centenary, and what a show. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to attend, and I have to thank Heather from Indian Ocean for allowing me to use her very rare Press Day tickets – it’s a complete honor to attend the day before the public view the Chelsea Show, and also the most exciting…this is down to so much amazing talent and the sheer turnout of complete legends. It’s celebrity land, you literally cannot move without bumping into them, so I took full advantage while viewing the stunning gardens and snapped away – please note, I did not stalk David Gandy, he was merely in the way of my camera while I shot one of the gardens…no really! (If not familiar with the impossibly handsome DG, please Google his name…you’ll be in for a lovely surprise)…

David Gandy Collage

We tried to have a quick shot with Davina, but she was having none of it and ran away from me, as did a few others…I’d make a hopeless papparazzi!

celebrity collageAnyway, I’m sure you’d like a little inspiration for your own gardens or outdoor spaces, there’s so much talent at Chelsea Flower Show, I just wish I could afford my garden to look like some of these amazing designs…

African garden

Cornish garden2



cornish gardenI was looking out for gorgeous blooms from Blackmore and Langdons in the pavillion; they’re friends of my parent’s friends and they came to our wedding, sadly I couldn’t find them, but I did find some fabulous Alliums (featured heavily at my wedding)

AlliumsIndian Ocean’s stand was opposite the beautiful First Touch Charity Garden, they had the best ambassadors Ortis Deley and Chris Jarvis who were there supporting such an amazing charity for premature babies – A friend of mine had her little girl at St Georges in the premature baby unit at First Touch, she was there for 5 months and they performed miracles for her – amazing charity, please check it out.

Ortis Deley & Chris JarvisIndian Ocean’s stand was stunning as ever – they do beautiful outdoor furniture and they’re the reason I decided to start my own business, sometimes I feel like someone is spoiling me somewhere!

Indian OceanThe best bit had to be bumping into so many friends, namely EmilyJohnathanLisa, Danners, Clare and Rhoda – I was a bit late for school pick-up after all our funny chats.

And of course, Chelsea Flower Show wouldn’t be complete without a Chelsea Pensioner mention – don’ t they look smart…..

chelsea pensioners


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